The skinny on getting cash for a structured settlement payment

The skinny on getting cash for a structured settlement payment

Very often, individuals who receive a structured settlement do not wish to wait for years to obtain the cash and would rather have it all in one go. Settlement purchasing companies help people to get cash instantly; the cash can be obtained at any stage of the execution of the structured settlement. A person who receives the lump sum is free to use it any way he desires – for education, home, or car.

It is not uncommon for a recipient of a structured settlement to run into a financial difficulty or come across an investment opportunity that promises better returns than a structured settlement. At such times, individuals consider getting cash for their structured settlement and use the money to build their own portfolio of investments. An advantage of getting lump sum cash is that it acts as a hedge against inflation.

Companies that purchase annuities do so at a discounted rate, at the very minimum, the discount is equal to the existing bank rates. Sometimes, purchasers may require a higher discount in order to cover the risk involved and make a profit. One should ideally take the help of a financial advisor who can professionally assess an individual’s income, assets, and monetary obligations. This helps to put into perspective future security as assured by a structured settlement against a lump sum payment.

Companies that purchase structured settlements offer to do so in a number of ways so that an individual can sell different amounts of an annuity. The flexible plans can be tailored according to an individual’s requirements; this allows one to enjoy both a lump sum at hand for immediate needs and regular payments from the annuity. The course of action to be taken while selling a structured settlement depends upon the immediate needs that could include paying off debts, child’s college fees, debt consolidation, or a business venture. Cash for structured settlements can be obtained as a full payment, partial payment, or a shared payment.

A full payment involves receipt of a lump sum for the entire annuity. It is an option when high debts have to be repaid. While selling an annuity that is due well into the future, one should be careful because they do not result in as much money as those annuities that are due sooner. This is because the value of money depreciates due to inflation.

Partial payments can be useful if a limited amount of money is required for consolidating debts or repaying a loan. A given number of payments can be sold off for a lump sum in a partial payment. With a shared payment, one can sell of a portion of a lump sum that is due in a short time. A shared payment enables one to pay off expenses that are going to be incurred in the near future; these may include education fees or the cost of a new vehicle.

Individuals who intend to obtain cash for their structured settlements should obtain the necessary court approvals for the purpose. One should ensure that the transaction complies with state and federal restrictions. Before deciding upon a buyer, one should research a few companies and look out for the best deal possible. It is also important to check the credentials of a prospective purchaser.